I try to understand the nature of nature, via landscapes, portraits, and still life pieces.  Sometimes the subject conjures an overwhelming need to deconstruct and recreate what I see, hear, smell, feel in my paintings.  Seeking a connection with the energetic sense of the place and the relationship of the objects and figures therein most often inspires me.desert cottontail (Sylvilagus audubonii) 1

There are so many ways to express what I intend to say visually. Regardless of the medium used, I face questions.For instance, how to portray the intense sensory shimmer of sub-zero cold?  The ecstasy of the spring garden?  The utter absence of sound during a woodland snowfall? The intent of a musician on a city street?

I draw and paint to express my experience of being in our world. Using my senses to understand, much as a poet explores with language, I shift into deeper, primal awareness. Swirling as an expressive touchstone in my life journey, I embrace the visual world as a yantra. A focus for meditation. A way of being. Here.




Contact: carolyngrady  at  gmail dot com